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NGPA Board of Directors

Statement of Interest


Please complete the Statement of Interest no later than 2359 (Eastern) October 20th, 2017

NGPA By-Laws require at least two consecutive years of paid membership in NGPA to be considered for a board member position.

Preferred Qualification: Holding at least one pilot certificate

If you have any questions regarding this form or the Statement of Interest process, please contact the Governance Chair, Tom Morin at

Full Name
When did you join NGPA?


Work Experience

Do you have any previous work experience related to non-profit organizations?
Have you volunteered to help out on any NGPA committees?
Have you volunteered to help out at our events?
Do you have any sense of what you would be good at with respect to being a board member?

Terms of Board Membership

Selection to the Board of Directors is a TWO year commitment.  It will require that you spend your own funds to participate. (These expenses may be tax deductable depending on your specific tax circumstances) The Board meets face-to-face twice per year.  There is also a monthly phone call that requires participation as much as possible.

Please make certain that you have been a paid NGPA member for two consecutive years before submitting this SOI.


Thank you for your interest to join the NGPA Board of Directors.  There will be at least one follow up phone interview in conjunction with your SOI submission to be coordinated by a member of the Governance Committee.